The amazing Radoslav – cosplay interview

As we’re slowly counting down the days until the tenth annual Japanizam, let’s take a moment to meet our wonderful guests! Today I’m bringing you an interview with Radoslav, otherwise known as Rado Raven, one of Bulgaria’s top cosplayers. What differs Radoslav from other cosplayers is that he takes up acting in order to bring out the characters he portrays more faithfully. Since it’s his birthday today, let’s all wish him a chestit rozhden den!

AR: You are a very known cosplayer in your country, but here in Serbia we don’t know much about you. Why don’t you tell us something about yourself?

R: My name is Radoslav Petrov. I’m  26 years old and I work as a dental technician, but I’m am an artist, actor and crafter at heart. I am also a big fan of Fantasy in books, games and movies.

AR: How did you enter the wonderful world of cosplay?

R: By accident. My cousin wanted help with one of his costumes. When I asked him about his competition, he told me everything about cosplay. It sounded very fun, so, here I am now.

AR: One of your notable traits is taking acting lessons in order to deepen your cosplays. How has this affected your performance so far and do you recommend this to other cosplayers as well?

R: I’m self – taught, actually. I never took acting lesons. My acting is a result of years of watching and imitating some of my favorite actors and practicing in front of a mirror. I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone is unique and that everyone has to find their strong points and embrace them in order to be successful, and, above all, have FUN !!! That’s the key.

AR: This will be your first time attending a convention in Serbia. What are your expectaions?

R: To meet crazy cosplayares like myself, exchange ideas…in other words, to have a good time!

AR: A few words before we say goodbye…?

R: Don’t be afraid, take risks, experiment…the only limit is your imagination! Let it go wild, everyone can cosplay. See you soon!