World, meet Dudus! (cosplay interview; english edition)

Photo by: Valentin

ChibiCon is just around the corner, and, as promised, I bring you the interview with Dudus, an amazing cosplayer who’s coming all the way from Hungary! What sets Dudus apart from the rest of the crowd is her incredible ability to transform from a gentle flower into a rugged, tough bearded dude. Even though I haven’t met her in person yet, I can’t wait to meet her and see her fascinating creations with my own eyes! 

AR: Dudus, you are known far and wide, from Hungary to Honduras! But, here in Serbia, we don’t know much about you, so, why don’t you tell us a little something about yourself?

D: Hello, my name is Dudus. I’m a 32 – year – old cosplayer from Hungary specialized in crossplay, which is cosplaying characters of the opposite gender, in my case – males. I’m an office worker and my job includes being a contact person, event organizer, administrator…it’s pretty hard to specify.

AR: How did you find yourself in the magical world of cosplay?

D: I started cosplaying (officially) in 2006, but my cosplays weren’t made by me in the beginning. I started making my own costumes 6 years ago. I went to my first convention ever in 2005, and that’s where I first saw a cosplay competition, and, because I’ve always liked creative hobbies, I decided that I had to do this too.

AR: What was your first cosplay?

D: Abel Nightroad from the anime ”Trinity Blood”, although the clothes weren’t sewn by me. Looking back with my current mindset, it wasn’t the best character choice, but, in the end, it got me started.

Dudus’ first and one of her more recent cosplays – a ten year time lapse. It’s more than obvious how much she’s grown! 

AR: Badass bearded men are your signature cosplay mark. How and why have you made that decision?

D: Honestly, it’s not like I purposely choose characters based on if they have facial hair or not. I always consider my physique first, and the characters I choose usually happen to be designed to have beards. I guess it’s a funny coincidence that haunts me 😀 !
But, I do like to cosplay bearded characters because it really helps me portray male characters as a female.

Photos by: Scanner Darkly Photo Blog & Dudus Arrrt

AR: How do people react when they find out that, underneath all those beards and manliness, you’re a girl?

D: They’re surprised most of the time, sometimes shocked. There was a girl who actually jumped backwards when she heard my voice, and one time a guy asked me for my ID to prove that I’m female. I’m pretty used to these reactions by now, I guess that means I’m doing an OK job with my costumes :D.

AR: Would you ever, out of curiosity, do a cosplay of a soft, gentle, feminine character?

D: Nope, my physique and my personality are everything but feminine, so, that would be very strange. I got used to male characters so much that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a character like that.

Really, Dudus is doing such an amazing job already that it would be a shame to change anything..
hotos by: & Dudus arrrt

*The interview is almost coming to an end, and that means that it’s time for the 3 fan questions!

1. Which materials do you like using the most when you’re working on a cosplay?
D: Cosplay is an expensive hobby, so I’m all up for cheap and creative materials. I usually prefer using paper or paper based materials for crafting many things, including armor, accessories or props. And I often use yarn for hairwork, like beards or wigs.

2. For how many days have you grown your beard and do you know The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
That depends on the season, humidity and how much free time do I have to tend to my beard farms :D. Do you know The Tragedy of Dudus who doesn’t know how to be politically correct when it comes to a ”Star Wars” based question 😀 ?

3. Is there a cosplay that you can’t get out of – EVEN when you take your costume off?
D: Hmm…not really. I mean, for jokes, I can wear my characters’ personality anytime, but that’s intentional.

AR: This will be your first convention in Belgrade. How excited are you and what are your expectations?

D: I’m always excited to see what are conventions abroad like –  it’s great to see different communities and competitions, and I get to learn a lot about cosplayers and their costumes, so, overall, it’s a great experience.

AR: A few words for the end of the interview…?

D: I can’t wait to meet everyone and experience what the Serbian cosplay community is like. I’m very happy to visit Belgrade, and, hopefully, we can have a great time together.

Photo by: Scanner Darkly Photo Blog